Redhead Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon – EZ Open Cans

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Traditional Redhead Sockeye (with edible skin & bones)
3.75 oz cans, 12 or 24 cans per box


The absolute best for a quick and nutritious meal anywhere, anytime. Pure Alaska’s 3.75 oz EZ open cans of Redhead wild Alaska sockeye salmon are the ultimate in taste and ease of eating. Throw out the can opener, just a fork will do, to indulge in this wondrous eating experience. Yum! Truly exceptional eating.

Caught in the waters around Kodiak Island, Alaska.

ouKosher Pareve

Ingredients: Sockeye salmon, salt
Nutrition: Per 3.75 oz serving about: 200 calories, 1450 mg omega-3’s, 810 IU Vitamin D,


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 5.5 in

12 cans per box, 24 cans per box

Can Size

3.75 oz

1 review for Redhead Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon – EZ Open Cans

  1. Wendy Vehling

    This is absolutely the best canned Sockeye Salmon I have ever eaten. Plus the EZ Open Can is a great size and convenient. I order on a regular basis (through Amazon) and the shipping is quick!

    • Shirley

      Thank you! I agree with your assessment of the little EZ open cans. They are just the best, though each of my little canned salmon ‘children’ are my favorites in their own way.

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