Jim’s Go-To Salmon Spread Ideas

Jim was always thinking of new ways to eat Redhead or ThinkPink canned salmon. He concocted quite a few quick ideas, and you can too!

*Wild Alaska salmon (drained) + a little olive oil + a little onion + a Dijon mustard + a squeeze of lemon..pile this delicious marriage of nutritional good guys on a bed of greens or on a bagel with a bit of cream cheese

* The Charlie Baker Special: Slap the following between two pieces of toasted bread,  (Charlie prefers Wonder-type bread in this application): sliced dill pickle + mayonnaise + a goodly heap of salmon, fresh out of the can. Yum. Charlie says a couple of these go great with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and keeps you going all day!

* Mix salmon with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, capers, chopped celery and dash of hot sauce. Use on greens or your carb of choice..crackers, bagel, bread

* With sliced radishes, and good dose of salt, maybe some light sour cream and, of course, wild salmon

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