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Assorted cans of Pure Alaska Canned Salmon
Good Food Award Winner 2018
Feel great all day!
Feel great all day with the high quality protein, abundant vitamin D and omega3's

Pure Alaska Wild Canned Salmon is the Smart, Delicious & Convenient Choice

Think Pink Wild Alaska Pink Salmon

Redhead Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon

Redhead Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon
Skinless ⁄ Boneless

Redhead Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon
EZ Open Cans

For more varieties, including our skinless/boneless salmon, please visit our store page.

Just hours after being pulled from Alaska’s cold, pristine waters,

Pure Alaska Salmon Company LLC’s Redhead and Thinkpink are processed, making our canned salmon, in some ways, “Fresher than fresh.”

Canned Wild Alaska Salmon

It's a superior substitute for all kinds of the usual proteins; chicken breast, tuna, even hamburger. Its uses are endless, its nutrition unmatched, and so easy to use! Wild Alaska salmon is harvested sustainably.

The Zuanich Family

Owners and many generation Alaska fishing family, the Zuanich's are dedicated to the promotion of canned wild Alaska salmon as a preferred, front and center protein source for people of all ages and stages of life.