Why Our Canned Salmon?

Delicious! Ready to Serve! Ready to Eat! Everyone, everywhere, anytime can enjoy the fabulous taste and remarkable health benefits of wild salmon when you buy it in a can. Wild CANNED salmon is the ultimate in convenience and portability.

Omega-3’s — Wild Alaska salmon are among richest foods in long chain Omega-3 fatty acids. Thinkpink, for instance, has over three times the Omega-3’s as chunk-light tuna, and 30 times the Omega-3’s as canned chicken (USDA). Omega-3’s are thought to provide substantial health benefits for people of all ages.

Vitamin D & Calcium — Wild Alaska salmon is one of nature’s richest sources of Vitamin D. Redhead, for example, has nearly 10 times the Vitamin D as albacore tuna, and 15 times the calcium as Albacore tuna.

A Perfectly Poached Salmon Steak in a Can — Pure Alaska promotes ‘traditional pack’ (though we do sell a skinless boneless pop-top can for extra convenience,) canned salmon because over 30% of the Omega-3’s are in that skin and fatty layer, while the soft, fully digestible bones are a prime source of calcium. The traditional pack also has more flavor because of the skin and bone. We have sampled our salmon to thousands of people, and not once has the skin or bone been detected. Pure Alaska Salmon is a wild, pure product- Enjoy every ounce.

Pure — Extensive tests have shown that wild Alaska salmon contain extremely low to no contaminants of any kind, including methyl mercury. People of all ages and stages can enjoy canned Alaska salmon. There has never been a health advisory for Alaska salmon-except to eat more of it!

Healthy Resource — Alaska salmon is tops with environmental groups. For it’s stewardship and sustainable practices, the Alaska salmon industry has won endorsements from such respected organizations as the Audubon Society, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s Seawatch program, among others.

Family — Independent, small-boat fishing families such as our selves make up the Alaska salmon industry, including many Native American families and villages. This tradition supports families and the environment.
Happiness/Contentment/Intelligence — We’ve long noticed that a salmon lunch seemed to infuse us with a unique and positive flow of energy all day long. Our mood and ability to cope with stress was improved while our thinking seemed to be more clear. Granted these are personal observation, but over the years our friends and customers report a similar experience. As it happens, studies reported in respected medical journals support this “old fishwives tale.” Omega-3’s have a powerful impact on brain development, function and mood!

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