SAVE BRISTOL BAY--With a Big, Fat 'NO!' to Pebble Mine

If you love to eat wild Alaska salmon --read on--

We have posted a banner on our website’s homepage, encouraging our wild salmon loving customers to read about the proposed Pebble Mine.

Fishing people, in my experience, are practical people, and as we are resource harvesters, I think there is general respect for other industries that source our world’s bounty.  I question folks who enjoy our world’s resources, while simultaneously disdaining the people and industries who make those resources available for human use. That said, environmental regulations are an absolutely essential piece in the puzzle of resource utilization.

I say this to explain that I understand the need for mining—

 But Pebble Mine does not belong on top of the world’s greatest, by far, sockeye salmon run!

If  ‘Health is the greatest wealth;’ and “You are what you eat,” then what is more valuable to our country, the incomparable health giving properties of wild Alaska salmon, or gold? Pebble Mine poses a grave threat to the irreplaceable watershed of Bristol Bay.

If the resulting 2.5 to 10 BILLION tons of permanently toxic mine tailings, shielded behind a proposed earthen dam 700 feet high and several miles long, were to escape into the Bristol Bay watershed, which, lies, incidentally in a high earthquake zone, it could be a very dire situation.

Earthquakes aside, it is hard to imagine that what would be North America’s largest mine, could operate without doing serious and irreparable damage to this  extremely productive area.

Few Alaskans are for Pebble Mine, as they understand the stakes, but the Canadian mining company, Northern Dynasty--that has never  developed a mine before, pushes on.  It is still a question  mark who will prevail in this epic, ten year old environmental battle.

So please,

Please go to Trout Unlimited’s excellent website, for more information about this stunningly irresponsible proposal. You can help by making others aware of the issue and voicing your opposition using the resources at

No Pebble Mine Sticker*** Pure Alaska customers can claim a free ‘No on Pebble Mine’ sticker to display when you checkout from our web store.

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