Canned Alaska Salmon for Overseas Personnel

Soldier Family Selfie We get a steady stream orders from folks serving the United States government in overseas assignments. Most who order seem to be military personnel, but we also get orders from people in the diplomatic corps. It is a privilege to fill these orders and we try to add something extra special with the limited extra room in the USPS flat rate boxes that we use.

From now on, when I am fulfilling orders to identifiable ‘APO,’ and the like, addresses, I will refund the buyer 10%. We should have done this sooner.

Canned wild Alaska salmon is a great food choice to give or get for anyone, but it is especially so for people doing strenuous and stressful work.

Sleep is a Weapon and Food is too…

In the fishing community, the great Bristol Bay fisherman, Buck Gibbons, is quoted as saying, Sleep is a weapon. I would like add to Buck’s missive-Good nutrition is a weapon.

*Canned Alaska salmon is very, very nourishing. It supplies quality (and delicious!) fuel to nutritionally optimize mind and body function. It has been my experience that I feel and function much better throughout the day after eating wild salmon. It seems to just generally steady my energy, mood and mental sharpness.

Easy to Eat…

*Canned wild Alaska salmon is very shelf stable and is an easy food to consume, requiring only a can opener and a fork.

Finest of things…

*Canned wild Alaska salmon, in my humble opinion, is also a food that represents some of the finest things about our nation. Wild Alaska salmon is considered the best managed fishery in the world, and is a global model for fisheries management. State of Alaska biologists, in concert with the fishing industry, have shepherded this truly wondrous resource to abundance and sustainability. Wild Alaska salmon is a great reminder of our nation’s capacity for greatness, and that seems to me to be in the spirit with which military personnel and diplomats serve our nation.

So, if you are trying to think of something to send your loved one serving overseas, give canned wild Alaska salmon a thought. We will send it out promptly and any order going to APO, FPO, or DPO addresses will receive a 10% refund to the purchaser.

Notes on the Military Postal System

Young Patriotic CoupleFor good reason, it is impossible to tell exactly where these overseas salmon customers are stationed, but there are some indicators embedded in the unique addressing system, called the Overseas Military Mail. OMM is a joint venture of the United States Postal Service and the Department of Defense.

The areas were divided into three Military "States:"
AA - Armed Forces Americas
AE - Armed Forces Europe
AP - Armed Forces Pacific

Those States are divided into three "Cities:"
APO - Army Post Office
FPO - Fleet Post Office
DPO - Diplomatic Post Office

An overseas Military address is constructed the same as a domestic US address, so it can be sorted just like regular mail.

All mail is delivered at it's normal speed to it's departure city here in the U.S.

Example: Priority Mail is 2-3 days to reach San Francisco, CA. Overseas Military addresses also have similar zip codes to the ones in their departure city.
AA - Miami, FL
AE - New York, NY
AP - San Francisco, CA

Each APO/FPO/DPO is staffed by members of the respective branch of service. Military post offices operate like a domestic post office. Each address holder also has a mail lock box where their mail is delivered. Whenever a parcel arrives, they receive a delivery notification slip.

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