Think Pink Wild Alaska Pink Salmon – No Salt Added

$51.00 (Shipping included)

Traditional Wild Alaska Pink Salmon (with edible skin & bones)
Each box contains 12 of our 7.5 oz cans.

The smart Al-tuna-tiveNo salt added Think Pink wild Alaska pink salmon provides the same delicious flavor, high nutritional value and versatility as Think Pink regular, but with substantially less sodium. There is nothing in that can but a salmon steak. Think Pink is perfect for everyday in sandwiches and more. Alaska salmon are pure.

Caught in the waters of Southeast Alaska, the premier source of wild caught Alaska pink salmon.

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Ingredients: Wild Alaska pink salmon, salt.
Nutrition: Per 3.5 oz serving about: 147 Calories, 19 grams Protein, 1100 mg Omega-3’s, 466 IU Vitamin D, 105 mg Sodium


Additional Information


12 cans per box

Can Size

7.5 oz


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