No Salt is Back and Pricing Updates

Mixed Case of No Salt Added Readhead and Think Pink SalmonI am pleased to announce that the No Salt Redhead and No Salt Think Pink varieties of canned salmon are once again available on our website.

Due solely to my increased costs, the price of a box of 12/7.5 oz Redhead, both with and without added salt, will go up to $73. Also, ThinkPink 12/7.5 oz, with and without added salt, will go up to $57.

There was plenty of salmon, particularly sockeye, in Alaska this year, but we are seeing increased demand from the fresh and frozen fish markets which compete with the amount of fish we have available to can.

Additionally, the costs to maintain a safe and smooth operating cannery continue to rise. I am sorry the price is going up, but those are the facts that I must deal with. Thanks to all of you loyal customers!

Wild Alaska salmon, even at these prices, is still a nutritional bargain.

Shirley Zuanich

Two boats fishing in front of a setting sun.
Pure Alaska Salmon Company, LLC, greatly regrets the need for our price increases. The increases honestly reflect our increased costs, and these increased costs are due to a substantial shortfall in the 2018 Alaska salmon catch. Contributing to this shortfall is an ever increasing global demand for fresh or frozen Alaska salmon.


Here is a the trailer for what promises to be a great film about Bristol Bay, source of much of the world’s sockeye salmon. Feast on the visuals of of this miraculous place and think about the consequences of what would be North America's largest pit mine next to it. Are gold baubles worth the potential permanent loss of this spectacular place?

Soldier Family Selfie We get a steady stream orders from folks serving the United States government in overseas assignments. Most who order seem to be military personnel, but we also get orders from people in the diplomatic corps. It is a privilege to fill these orders and we try to add something extra special with the limited extra room in the USPS flat rate boxes that we use.

From now on, when I am fulfilling orders to identifiable ‘APO,’ and the like, addresses, I will refund the buyer 10%. We should have done this sooner.


"How do you eat canned salmon?" is a common query from folks we meet at our food demonstrations. (more…)

Shirley enjoying salmon on lemony coleslaw on her front porch.

Shirley enjoying salmon on lemony coleslaw on her front porch.

I do solemnly swear, canned wild Alaska salmon is the best lunch food in the world. Not only is it delicious, eating wild salmon at lunch seems to make for a better day all around. Whether it is the quality of the protein, or the abundant long chain omega3 fatty acids or the high vitamin D, I feel better when I have eaten wild salmon at lunch. Eating canned salmon makes that goal readily achievable. Just open the can! There couldn’t be a better, easier lunch. (more…)

Smiling Jim Zuanich

A smiling Jim Zuanich after eating canned wild Alaska salmon for 23 days in a row

Jim Zuanich ate at least 3.5 ounces of Redhead or Thinkpink a day for 23 days at which time he had his blood mercury levels tested. There was no detectable mercury in his bloodstream. Zuanich also said he loved canned salmon more after he was done with his experiment, reporting that salmon at lunch made for more energy and a happier outlook than with other foods. "Nothing compares for lunch," said Zuanich, skipper of the M/V Marshal Tito.


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